Areas of expertise

1. Design and implementation of new control systems

  • electroplating lines: control systems for hois transportation, rectifiers, spraying reagent dosing, temperature regulation, bath refilling, pH regulation,
  • electroplating wastewater treatment plants: pH and rH regulation, coagulant and fluctuant dosing control, schedule control,
  • air conditioning systems,
  • electroplating rectifiers,
  • other devices.

2. Technical consultancy and modernization of existing installations and lines

On client’s request, we carry out modernization of existing electroplating lines. The control systems we implement make the transition from manual to automated production processes possible.

3. Efficiency analysis and energy audits

We carry out efficiency analysis of electroplating lines focusing on estimating the profitability of modernization. We carry out technical consultancy within this area.

We carry out energy audits of electroplating lines aimed at lowering the energy cost of operating the line.

4. Service and diagnostics of control systems

We carry out service and diagnostics of control systems. We have necessary equipment at our disposal.

5. Software design

In our projects, we deploy proprietary controller software. Solutions based on our software are highly flexible in meeting investors’ needs, ranging from simple control systems based on repetitive sequences to intelligent, fuzzy logic programs. In their most elaborate form, our systems enable real time execution of multiple programs with varying technological parameters and schedules.

The system has full control of its target tasks, it monitors them and ensures that the required technological parameters’ values are met, allowing for changing them in real time. This guarantees high flexibility of the system.

The operation of the communication terminal is simple and intuitive – it enables the operator to change the program parameters for subsequent batches. Parameters are grouped together to form so-called recipes, which can be edited and added. All crucial data is monitored online and archived. Depending on the complexity of the systems, we use either operating panels or personal computers as terminals, exploiting all the benefits unlocked by the respective technologies:

  • online visualization of the technological process,
  • data archiving,
  • remote control,
  • online service, etc.

Our control systems are based on the Simatic PLC controllers by Siemens. We deliver solutions based on industrial network technologies such as Profibus, Profinet and Ethernet.

6. Manufacturing

We manufacture control cabinets for clients operating within the field of industrial automation.

The Process



The electrical design of the control system is created based on the individual requirements of the investor. We carry out the design tasks using EPLAN and ELCAD design toolkits.



The electrical design of the control system is created based on the individual requirements of the investor. We carry out the design tasks using EPLAN and ELCAD design toolkits.



Manufacturing control cabinets is a part of our development process. We rely on the equipment from leading producers of measurement and control equipment such as Siemens, Eaton and Wago, based on client’s preferences.



The implementation of the system is the last stage of delivering our solution. We carry out the installation, we start up the system and train the staff.

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