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Our control systems are based on the programmatic logic controllers by SIEMENS. We also use SIEMENS measurement and control equipment.

Aster is a pioneer in terms of the adoption of WAGO network interfaces within the Polish electroplating industry. As of recently, we are also a partner of the WAGO SOLUTIONS PROVIDER program. As we can read on WAGO’s website:

The more you know, the better you can advise. That is why in the Solution Provider Program, we give professionals all the knowledge they need about our solutions and products. The goal is clear: To establish reliable expert contacts around the world who can provide comprehensive, individual support to their customers and help them meet their challenges. And they do so with experience, commitment and – when it makes sense – everything we develop and offer at WAGO.

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KrafPowercon delivers innovative solutions within the field of industrial power conversion. Aster employees have certified experience which allows us to offer the service of products from the FlexKraf line by KraftPowercon.

Aster operates ProfiTrace devices, which enable fast and effective diagnostics of PROFIBUS networks. ProfiTrace enables:

  • troubleshooting and maintenance of PROFIBUS networks,
  • PROFIBUS network startup,
  • testing and verification of PROFIBUS products,
  • passive networks testing (without DP Master),
  • input/output testing for PROFIBUS devices,
  • configuration and diagnostics of PROFIBUS devices,
  • PROFIBUS address setting.

Additionally, ProfiTrace provides an interface displaying the PROFIBUS protocol statistics and to input/output access for external devices. Find out more on the manufacturer’s website

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