This privacy policy contains core information about the purposes and methods of processing as well as the safety of your personal data as a user of website (further referred to as the website). By familiarizing yourself with the privacy policy you will find out who is the administrator of your personal data, what kind of data the website collects, how the data is used and how it is protected.


§1. Basic information.

Your data is administered by Piotr Piktus and Mariusz Rzeźnicki of Aster Spółka Cywilna Piotr Piktus i Mariusz Rzeźnicki based in Wieluń ul. Felicji Rymarkiewicz 29A, 98-300 Wieluń, Poland, NIP: 832 195 68 64.

You can contact the administrator via:

  1. e-mail:
  2. phone: (+48)512329934, (+48)512329935
  3. mail: ul. Felicji Rymarkiewicz 29A, 98-300 Wieluń, Poland


§2. Data processing principles.

The administrator processes personal data respecting the following principles:

  1. lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to the individual (the principles of lawfulness, fairness and transparency);
  2. kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed (the principle of storage limitation);
  3. with care for the accuracy of the data (the principle of accuracy);
  4. with care for the security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage (the principle of integrity and confidentiality).
  5. collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes (the principle of purpose limitation);
  6. the data should be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed (the principle of data minimisation);
  7. the administrator shall be responsible for, and be able to demonstrate compliance with the principles (the principle of accountability).


§3. Purposes and legal grounds for data processing.

Your data will be processed:

  1. for contact purposes, to reply to Your messages sent by e-mail or via the contact form available on the website, on the basis of the administrator’s legitimate interest in replying to your message.
  2. for statistical, analytical and monitoring purposes, using cookies, on the basis of the administrator’s legitimate interest in correct functioning of the website and the ability to analyze the traffic on the website.

§4. The scope of data processing.

We process Your data within the following scope:

  1. all the data included in the e-mail messages you send us;
  2. all the data included in the contact form you send us via the website;
  3. additionally, the administrator processes the IP address and other data saved in cookies, used to analyze the traffic on the website.

§5. Data retention.

We are unable to specify the retention period of your data.

If you share your data with us via an online form or an e-mail message for contact purposes, we will process your data until you request the erasure of the data or object to the processing of the data, or until we conclude we have realized the legally grounded interest of the Administrator.

§6. User’s rights.

You have the following rights resulting from us processing your data:

  1. The right of access to the data;
  2. The right to rectification, erasure and restriction of processing of the data;
  3. The right to data portability;
  4. The right to object to data processing;
  5. The right to withdraw consent to the processing of your personal data at any time and form, unless processing is necessary for the performance of a contract by the Administrator to which the data subject is party, unless it is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the Administrator is subject or unless it is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the Administrator.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Polish Data Protection Commissioner (addressed to Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych, ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warszawa, Poland).

You can find more information about personal data protection on the Personal Data Protection Office website:

§7. Cookies.

Cookies are blocks of data, usually text files, which are stored on the end device (a PC, a laptop, a smartphone) that you use when browsing the web. Cookies typically contain the url of the website they were created by, an expiry date and a unique ID tag.

Cookies make it possible to adapt the content of the website to user’s preferences and optimize interactions with it, in particular they help recognize the device used to access the website and set its parameters so that they are adapted to the individual preferences of the user. Cookies are also used to create statistics which help understand user behaviors when browsing the website, making it possible to improve its structure and content.

On our website, we use two main types of cookies – session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, stored on the end device until the user logs out, leaves the website or shuts down the Internet browser. Persistent cookies are stored on the end device for a period of time specified within their parameters or until the user manually deletes them.

The user can delete cookies at any point in time.

Parts of the description above are protected by the copyright of IAB Polska and were sourced from You can find more details about cookies on or in your Internet browser menu.

If you are in doubt about your cookies settings, contact the operator of your Internet browser.

If you don’t consent to the use of cookies on our website, leave it now or activate adequate settings in your Internet browser.

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